September 15, 2020

There are many advantages to tracking time attendance with an automated system, and all of them can be of huge benefit to your business; below are the top five ways that your business could reap the rewards of automated time attendance:

Paper-based time card systems are extremely outdated and have long been proven easy to manipulate by employees. Even some of the slightly more modern methods such as swipe card systems leave plenty of room for error. For a truly accurate record of how many hours each of your employees has worked, you’ll need to upgrade to web-based solutions, biometric fingerprint systems or a mobile time tracking app, each of which are next to impossible to manipulate.

This task can take up a lot of time when performed manually, especially if you employ a lot of staff. Switch to an automated time attendance system though, and it will become a much simpler, less time-consuming job.

Paper-based time attendance systems should be a thing of the past, not least because they are helping to drain the worlds precious natural resources. With many businesses trying to reduce their carbon footprint, switching to an automated time attendance system helps tremendously, and at the same time, employee energy levels are also being saved, making it an energy saving win-win.

Many businesses of all sizes waste a lot of financial resources when employees are misclassified, timekeeping isn’t recorded accurately and there is no historical payroll data, making switching to an automated timekeeping system a financially sound decision.

Any step that your business can take to minimize losses and direct your finances to where they are most needed, should get your vote. Money lost on inefficient and outdated time tracking systems could be put to so much better use, and while there will be an initial outgoing while you make the switch, it’ll soon start paying dividend for you, and you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t make the change a long time ago!


If you’re the owner of a small businesses that is continuing to struggle with a paper-based employee timekeeping system, why not arrange an obligation free consultation with a time and attendance tracking service vendor to see how much money you could save in the long-term. 

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