March 14, 2016

Nowadays, part of the hiring process for employers often involves conducting background checks on applicants, but knowing how to choose the right service is not always obvious.               

There are two main types of services that you can use: full service background check companies - who do all of the investigatory work for you, and DIY background check websites – online sites which allow users to conduct their own searches with instant results. 

The following information should help you decide which one is best for your small business: 

Full Service Background Check Companies

 What are the benefits of using a full service background check company?

The main benefit of using companies who conduct service background checks, is that they’re in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) laws. Should you use a service that isn’t compliant, you could be exposing your business to potential lawsuits and hefty penalties. 

They also conduct very thorough searches; rather than simply relying on online databases for information, they employ court runners who make personal visits to courthouses to try and obtain information on any criminal indicators that have been flagged up. Not only that, but they contact former employers and educational facilities to affirm the applicants previous work and educational history. 

One disadvantage of using these companies is that they can be costly and take some time to provide results. 

Online background check websites

What are the benefits of using an online background check website?

The main benefits of conducting a background search check yourself, are that you are provided with instant results and at a very low price. 

However, these DIY websites are not in compliance with the FCRA and can often give the user incorrect and incomplete information that hasn’t been properly verified.

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